let me show you

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Let me show you
What im capable of
Theres much more to me
You cannot simply see
Who I realy am
You dont know the real me
And you never will
You only saw
What I let you
Your thoughts have ben chosen
And placed
Every inception thought out
Il make you pay
For what you did to me
Il break you down
Peice by peice
Youl fall apart from the juilt
Il pull your strings
Until theres nothing left
Youl never see me
For the real me
Im not gust inocent and sweet
I am more
Than a victim
That you took to hurt
What you did dosnt make me
Who I am today
Il never let you take
My hope for love
Because I know
Im better than that
Im better than youl ever be
So please let me
Let me show you

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