plastic promises

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Plastic promises
We took a voe
For better or worse
Sicknes and helth
Rick or poor
And ring to seal the deal
And a kiss to lock it
The first month was amazing
But the next not so well
The third horrid
And the next sent me
Falling from there on
I was traped in your hands
Unable to escape your grasp
You sent me deaper every moment
With ever hit
I sempt to get back up
And id let it relapse
Id say those words
Time and time again
But they where never heard
Much like my screams
We made a promise
Forever and always
But forever dosnt last long
And always isnt real
You broke them all
Even me
You left me to cry
And to be stuck in the past
With these memories
To haunt my dreams and life
But what you dint do
And never will
Is truly love me
So please dont make me
Plastic promises

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