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I feel traped within your hands
Unable to breath the air around
I cannot grasp the light ahead
Im stuck in this place
I feel fear from your sight
My heart stops every time
Panic races faster towards me
I can never forget whats ben done
It replays in my mind every time
Traumatic from the moment I knew
I could never erase it from my mind
Its huanted my dreams every night
Im traumatized from the thought
Its taken over all my thoughts
I can never have closer
When you so close to me
I've tried to stop the replays
But I cannot it has me crazed
Gust when I thought I had it all
You tore me down
Its no suprise I wont be here now
But after going throughout it all
I see the future ahead
Somwhere il find myself
And bring the closer needed
Youl see this was no surprise
I hope understand its your fault
That I will never forgive you
But that I can forgive myself
What you did isnt my fault
It never was and never will be
Il start the greiving processes
And my heart will heal with grace
Know that payback is a bitch
I will never let You cage me in
Your hands will never hurt me
I wont waste my tears anymore
I will move away from this pain
Its already over for me
Its time for closer now
My poetry is for me
So backdown
Gust let me live again
dont break me down


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