my grandmother

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My grandmother
Im not sure what to do
I've locked away your memorie
Its always hurt to see you
I cry every time
Where did you go
You lost your mind
You son your huband and us all
I know you rember us
Your family
But you cannot uter a word
Your dying Inside
And the truth hurts
I know what comes next
But I can never let go
Why cant you rember
The words to say to me
Im your granddaughter you see
Dont you rember us all
I want to hold you tight
But you keep slipping further away
I know its your time
But I dont want to watch you go
I regret now seeing you more
Id hold you if I could now
Fathers mind left along with you
You've bolth gone insane
And im afreid it dosnt end there
I love you
I gust wish you knew to say it back
In your memories I will stay
I will keep you close
I will never let you go alone
I hope god finds your mind
And that in heaven
You will find us once more
One day I will see you again
And youl rember who I am
In your memorie

I love you , I hope you find your way back to us

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