I dont want this anymore

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I dont want this anymore
I dont want
This feeling this burden
Pulling me down
Gust take it away
Rip it from my heart
And erase it from my mind
Take from my soul
Lock it away and bury it
Six feet under
So that I cannot feel it
I dont want to live with this burden
No longer will I carry it
A feeling I rember so well
I so fondly rember
Shall replace it
With a better feelling of love
And not this hate
Dont let it haunt me any longer
Gust lock it all away
Leave my life and soul
And leave my heart alone
No longer shal you have it
I wont let you break it
Give me my life back
My happiness and all
Replace the wasted time
And leave the memories behinde
Gust as with me
You will always leave
Please gust see
I dont want this anymore

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