missing you

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Missing you
I'm not oka
With the distance growing

Yah I'm not oka
The love you never show it

Best friends is what you call it

Stomp on me ,call me out
Treat me like trash in the can

I cannot describe what this is
How much pain you put on me

I wish i could keep the memories
But every good moment was fucked up

So now I'm here missing what's left
Funny how you said you'd be here

That you had my back
But you've blocked every path

You seem to be hard at hearing
Because I can never seem to reach your ears

I love you
Is that what you want

I'm sorry
How many times must I say it.

I look at pictures ,holding them close
Even though your far away

I say I hate you
When all I really want is you close

Your keeping tabs on me
But can't seem to face me

Why can't you pick up your phone
Say something ,anything at all

Because I'm done with
Missing you

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