is it wrong

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Is it wrong
To live withvthe worse things
To live with the worst past
I choose the worst of people
Iv been broken down
I cannot escape my past
I cannot forgive the people
That hurt me so badly
Iv been hurt , broken, beaten, raped
The list goes on and on
The outcome is always the same
People always leave me
And im left alone to cry in the end
I dint want this I never have
The only way I can see out
Is though suicied
But that cant be the only answer
I want to stay and go on
But how can I go on
With my past dragging me down
My past becomes my present
The same thing but diffrent people
How is one to live like this
How can I go on like this
I dont want to be a pitty case
I know others have it worse
But I stile find it hard
To fight this pain
Depression is a daily battle for ne
I dont think anywon will see
The realy me or how much I realy
Go through in my life
Hiding in a mask dosnt cover up
The inside of my self
It only mask the broken body
I never asked for this
Is it so wrong
To want somthing better for my life

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