dont bring me down

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Dont bring me down
Let me soar above this depression
And out of this six feet grave
Let me live and love
Give me a future and a family
Dont let the rest tear me down
Build my walls higher than the sky
Let you lay six feet under
While i stay up high
Let me live a happy life
I am my own person
I am not waste of space
Nor am a child
You no longer have control
Or power over my life
Everyone who has hurt me
Will waste away into this
And il lock it away forever
Because you no longer affect me
Im done and ready to move on
I may have fallen today
But I will rise because of it
I will use this pain
And make worth of myself
You cannot bring me down
And you will never feel me again
Nor hear the sound of my voice
My touch is no longer yours
Nor is my body you threw away
The moment you said it all
I took it all away
And I will move onto better things
Better than you ever treated me
While you all waste away
I will have real love and care
While yours was always fake
Im done with this game
The show has ended now
And the curtian closes
Gust for this all to fall apart
To bring closer to this dreded heart
So I may die with peace of mind
And this closer is six feet bellow
You will never bring me down
Because after this shot
I won't feel anything at all

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