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Yes you are my savior

Although your hands have grown weary

And your heart has slowed

You still hold me tight

I wish i could bring back the dead

Bring back your wife

My grandmother

Because when i hear your voice

It cracks with every mention

Her name slips from your lips

Your eyes grow heavy with tears

But you wont break infront of me

Youve grown old yet stronger

We've  lost yet another to a poison

Yet i still take in the smoke

Because i cannot forget her voice

Death comes to us all

But yours ..... It came to soon

And to make matters worse

I know whos next

now my father has it to

Cancer has claimed to many from me

My grandmother passed away two years ago because of cancer .Now my father also has it .Its hard to deal with but were doing our best .I gust hope he pulls thorough.

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