The Taste Of Regret

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The Taste Of Regret
I regretted everything
every moment
You took advantage
What you did to me
And how I've changed
All I wanted was somwon to love
But you broke me down
Violated me and took it all
Its traumatic even now
Because I cannot forget it all
The nightmares wont stop
It continues to replay every night
I wake up crying at your thought
I cant make them stop
I want it to disappear
Why cant these memories stop
Why cant I stop
I gust want to disappear
Even you cannot belive
The way you have treated me
So convince yourself
My hearts been thrown away
Like this every time
I will never be me agian
You say im lying
But in reality you gust cant see
You lie again and again
It will only be me in the end
Dying inside
Please tell me now
I will win this fight
That il make it to june
Because im done with this feeling
I regret it all

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