what ive done

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What iv done
What  could've I done
To possibly deserve
This life ive ben given
They say god gives us challenges
But iv ben given so many
My whole life has ben a challenge
Even living has seempt hard
Im not asking for pity
But for answers
Is this to make me stronger
Or is it to break me down
Is it as simple as 123
Are you what decides my future
People say you are what you choose
I no longer want to be brooken
I want to get back up
I wish to be better
Not only for myself
But for my family and friends
You may have broken me down
But I will get back up
Time and time again
I will find the light within
And I will find myself
I dont need anywon to save me
Because I now relize
Nowon is coming
And the only way I can be better
Is if I make this choice
On my own
I can be independent
I can no longer relie
On a man
Gust to be broken down
I will create something wonderful
From this lonesome land
I will be the only one
To truly love and protect myself
Because in this life
Nowon is coming for me
But thats oka
Because now I realize
What ive done
And need to do

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