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Il take you throu each scene
The slaughter the blood
His horrific screams
The last moments in his eyes
Before I took his life
My own reflection in his eyes
The tears runing down his face
Looking down to the floor
His jaket no longer white
But an beautiful crimsion
His hands at his throught
Gasping for air
I had to take it in
My first kill
I couldnt forget his last words
Not even if I wanted to
God please save me
He screamed oh so loud
I took the knife
And held it to his throught
No god is coming for you
But oh the devil will
It must of ben hours
While I watched him die
He was my first kill
But who would know
That this man
Was no regular man
He deseved his death
And oh so much more
And I gave it to him
What he deseved
May you rot in hell for your sins

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