for you

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I thought
I would end it all
So long ago
But I've stayed all these years
Throughout this chaos
I found one thing to hold onto
It may not be the best
But its what I hold so close to heart
Its what fell in love with
I fell for him
Three years ago we met
At the worst of times
But god he kept me alive
That night was going to be my last
But the smile had my eyes
At first sight
That quirky humor, geeky charm
I couldnt understand why
But he wanted me to stay
From that day I asked one thing
Stay with me
To never leave my side
And he did exactly that
Every year I fell a bit further
But he picked me up every time
Every time I fell apart
He picked up my peices
And put me back together
He climed the walls I built so high
Isloated in that cage
He found me and broke the bars
He tore down my isolation
And let me see true happiness
I found somthing inside
Id never seen before

Il post this before I go

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