rember me

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Rember me

The girl you wonce held close

The frigal frame you used to care for

That you used to love

I rember the days

Where id be on your lap

And you hold me oh so close

Youd be the only one id relie on

The only one id look up to

But things changed

Feelings changed

Your focus wanderd

No longer me but another

A girl with bright eyes

An gleaming smile

Now had you gaze

Unlike me she was perfect

I had scars alover my skin

But she had none

Not an single flaw was acros

So I was lost in the recage

No longer loved or cared for

So I did the same

I found another love

But his eyes were not bright

Nor was his crooked smile

But thats why I love him

Nowon is perfect nor am I

I love him for him

Not his complextion or his flaws

But for who he is

:3 mew

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