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Oh dear father where have you gone

Oh Father where have you gone

Do you rember us

Your family , your children

The wife who used to be yours

The woman you usted to hold oh so close

Have you drowned in your adiction

Have you lost your memories

Because we rember them all

But your lost in your mind

Traped inside a shel of a young boy

No longer a father or man

But an troubled boy traped in a world of his own

You scream and shout unknowing of the pain you cause

You chug your galons hoping to wash the anger away

You smoke away all your troubles and crave for more more more

More achol,more drugs , gust one more you scream , gust one more

Your skin turned  yellow your eyes dark and crowded with misconception

You left us here without an father

without a husband

Without an grandfather

Where had the man inside gone

When did this go oh so wronge ?

Maby after the drugs or achol

Or maby after the pill s you took

Im not to sure , but whst I can rember is one thing

Your smile before you were taken away

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