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I hope to see the stars in your eyes
Wonce again looking into them
Il be lost in your embrace
And wonce again il be happy
il sink in
Youl hold me tight and sing again
Our hearts will collide
And will dance once again
This love will last
And it will never end
Somtimes itl get rough
But I know well see the light
And I will no longer see the shadows in your eyes
But insted a happy light
I know now that I can rest tonight
Il dream of you
And that handsome smile
Il melt in your arms
It wont last for alittle while
But for forever
And always
Will I stay in your arms

Goodnight sweetheart:3 you know who you are so go to bed n feel better

Also to readers I told you my writing would get better this isnt that bad I think its heart warming :3 love you all


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