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saved me

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Saved me
From these prision walls
And broken bars
You showed me what I can be
You took me in
Gave me a reson to keep going
All my tears
You've wiped them all away
Your the last one standing
And with this all you cared
When everywon has left me
You  stayed all these years
I truly am
Greatfull to you
All this time ive ben shattered
You've taken all the pieces
And put me back together
When ive fallen
You picked me up
And dryed my tears
You stoped the iner demons
And the voices inside
I see clarity now in you
I can heal and get through it
As long as I have you
Your mean everything to me
You are my savor
My night im shining amor
I dont know what id do
Saved me

To garrison and jazzy :3

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