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wake me up

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Wake me up
From this horrible nightmare
Take the thorns from my mind
Throw away these memories
They haunt me every night
Rip the past inside and out
Erase his eyes
And take his heart from mine
Becuase I cannot let go
I no longer stand his touch
Or the memories of him at all
Its hard to see the mistakes
When your oh so kind
Its like a blinding light
I cannot tell who you are
Change is impossible
I cant be so simply made
I tryed to wait it all out
Stay with you throw it all
But I was to broken to stay
But yet again I still am
What can I do
When the love still stays inside
I cannot simply rip it away
Let alone him
Im afraid it will always stay and that eventually il let go
And give into his arms once more
But maby thats what I need to do
Becuase feeling like this
Is the worst pain
Im so confused
On who to choose
Myself and sanity
Or to take a risk of heartbreak
The damages done cannot erase
Im so afreid of What to do
Is it to late
Can I ever
Wake up .......

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