this loving hatred

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This loving hatred
The same love that took my life
Threw away my heart and soul
And made these tears flow
Every night and everyday
I've treid to forgive and forget
To let the past stay behind
And let my future stay alive
Never once a taste of sarow for you
Nor a clean memorie left behind
Not a single sorry , never admitting
What was truly done and shattered
Left behind and alone To fight
To stand alone , to push against this
Trying to stay alive thought this
Finding clarity in these storms
To find myself , and to love another
And even eventually loving myself
Throught this never ending war
I hope to find myself a better future
Without you , I must accept
Becuause you'd never addmit
Its better to hate than love
So to feel hatred insted of sarow
To fill this void with happiness, full
To wash away these memories
And create better ones , new
All of this now without you
Love is never ending and full
Gust as I he is too , perfect
I found sombody who realy cares
Now much more than a friend
And I now can heal and forget
Soon I wont even rember , thats oka
You'd never admit it or say sorry
But il accept it and move forward
Im done being stuck in the past
Justice will come to this heart
And I will learn to forget
To erase those memories , erase
And replace with new
Il move on and fall in love again
Because you'd never say sorry
This loving hatred

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