abused love, first love, last

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Abused love , first love, last
Forever in my mind only you
These peices of my mind
Seem run away with you
Gust as I wanted to run with you
I wanted only you...

Run away with you , reailty faded
I wanted that single moment
To last forever and always
Gust as I said those words to you
Tabo it seems to want this , forever
And always to last

But yet again thats what love is
Or seems to be now
A hope for something stronger
But forever dosnt seem to last
And always faded away
And this fantasy crubled to ash
Reality became harsh and sower

What had ben so sweet turned
Became sour and harsh to touch
And lips no longer smooth to mine
But a bloodied lock to capture mine
Hands used to be gental and sweet
But now have pushed me down
Tears had dried up , but now flow
Like rivers they continue endlessly

You we're my first real love
I fell hard, to hard for you
And now im stuck rembering you
Sweet to sour you turend sweet
Abused love , first love, last

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