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Why cant you stop
Your words are eating me alive
I hear every mistake and fuck up
Cant me trying be enough
Be enough for you
Im never good enough are my
God you must feed these voices
Because when your around
They repeat every word you utter
Call me a fuck up
I cant do anything right can I
Go ahead because now I belive
Evey word you all say
Il gust sink deaper with every word
Call me stupid
Because god I am utterly helpless
I cant even think stright
Call me what ever you want
Gust hurt me some more
In the end it wont matter
I wont matter by june
Because by then il be gone
Then maby il be good enough
And youl regret all these things
I know I do
I even regret myself
My entire existence is nothing
Because in reality
I dont matter
And you all never cared
I cant do this shit anymore
Im done trying for you
And even myself
Why .........

Stupid ranting

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