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I gust want you to know

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I gust want you to know
That I love you
I always have
And always will
Even if this comes to a end
My feelings will never go
Nor shal your heart
Or the memories made
Il keep them close to heart
Bolth good and bad
Il love the good
And morn the bad
Il let the thoughts haunt me
Because in this reality
Il never be able to let go
Not gust of your memorie
But of your love
Two minds alike in thought
And similar in craze
But theres only one thing
That you should know
I put my trust in you
And relied on you
I was stuck in time
I watched all this time
Gust to watch you go
In the end youl go
One thing
Youl remind me
Of what I was
This will be a memorie of
A past il wish to forget
A thought
That will haunt my very dreams
And every nightmare
So please feel it all
Feel the juilt and even the sarow
Never forget
What you did to me
So please gust listen one last time
I gust want you to know

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