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The Worst Tonight

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I cant think so il vent
Please stay
Thats all I need
Thats all I can think
I gust hope you see the signs
Before its all gone
I dont think ill last
Not without you here
I've made the stupidest choices
Tonight I realy fucked up
I dont deserve to say it
Its stupid to ever think
That this will ever change
Would you be happier
Thats all I can think right now
I've taken up that blade again
And picked up that cigarette
I've fucked up tonight
And the worst part is
I cant stop
Honestly I dont think I will
Till I pass out
I cant get him out
Out of my head
I cant even paint away the pain
I cant cover up these lies
Nor can hide him away
I want the worst things
Tonight I want drinks and poision
I think I deserve it all
I think I need more in this glass
To be able think
Il take it in more
Il destroy the outside
Whats the need if im lost inside
Im staring at those pills
The thoughts are sick
This isnt even poetry
Its a suicied it seems
I cannot tell the diffrence
Between this shit anymore
Why the fuck should I care
For her
For anywon
Fuck these unfaithful men
And hoes
I dont care anymore
Il down this bottle of jack
Then drop to the bottom
Maby its not that bad
Maby il try somthing new
Il let myself go
Whats the fucking point
With your mind on her
God I hate these pills
But theyl do whats best
Theyl take me down
And give me whats best
What I deserve tonight
Is a good bye
For the very last time
Nowon reads this shit anyways
So fuck it

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