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I'd never tell

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I'd never tell you
The pain caused by your hands
You shouldn't have to deal
With a heart you dint break
Or the issues you dint cause
The pain you dint bring
I never wanted it to be this way
I hoped for so long
Thatd I be perfect for this
But im not
Im broken and shattered
So simply brought down
You dint break me down
But yet you stay
And im greatfull for it all
But sometimes I cant help but
I cannot handle it all
The pain he caused is to much
The issue's made fucked me up
Now I must take it on
And somehow fix myself
To bring closer
To this broken heart
Somehow find myself
In this wasteland of a world
So il keep trying
Untill the last moment I have
Gust to prove gust how greatfull
I realy am
Id never tell you it all

I realy am greatfull garision , you have kept me going all this time throught I all , and for that thankyou :3

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