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finally realize
That you dont need anywon
You only need yourself
Because in this world honey
No man nor woman
Is coming to save you
You have to save yourself
You may have freinds and family
But the final choice is yours
And yours alone
So get back up
Dont fall into the darkness
Keep yourself up
Find the light within your heart
Itl be oka
The world may bring you down
But rise above it
Be yourself and nothing eles
You are what matters
So honey you need to
Finally realize you matter
And everywon eles gust say
Fuckkkkk you
Because the people that hurt you
They dont matter get rid of em
Itl all get better when you learn
That you are strong and you
Can make it
Create somthing wonderfull
And make your future great
Its your choice
So take it on
And gust say
Fuckkk the rest

God somtimes after a breakdown I realize that I can be better than this so il say this , fuck the rest :3 I love you all

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