I wish

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I wish
I could turn back time
To the beinging , before this started
To save myself from heartbreak
And from the pain you caused
God I cant go far back enough
Because my life
Has always ben like this
Such a strugle to keep going
Even from the beging
The drugs and achol
The abuse and torture
Every time I cryed alone
Ive ben so alone in my life
Everyone leaves the same
Nowon can stay in my life
Because they only use me
And then throw me away
The issues caused by it all
My scars may fade away
But the memories stay fresh
I rember everything said
The insults and threats so crule
God it wasnt only him
Who tore me down to this
But my whole life has lead to this
I will never reach eighteen
I will drop that day to the ground
I will fall
Because I will keep that promise
I cannot live without him
The one person who has cared
Not single tragedy caused by him
Only smiles and tears of joy
Hes the reason ive stayed
No its not a lover or freind
But the man who kept it all
The one person I could trust
To be my hero and savior
No hes not a god or saint
But he is everything to me
All these years of strugle
I've put my whole to one person
My grandfather will never fade
Not in my heart nor mind
God I promise to keep you close
Your ashes to my heart
I will never let go of you
Because you never let go
Of me
I wish to always have you here

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