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make the choice

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Make the choice
Set your priorities straight
Its now or never
Choose who you will
But either way il be the same
I am not a toy to play with
My heart is not a simple game
It isnt right to have bolth
I wont let this go
Not after all this time
It isnt simple to leave it all alone
I cannot simply let go of this
I will not wait anylonger
I will no longer be played with
I am not one night stand
I am forever and always
Ive never lied and never will
When I say I love you
I mean it you know that
You say im throwing it away
But in reality im doing all I can
To keep this together
But I can no longer hold on
Not to my self
Nor this shattered heart
You know who you are
So please gust end this all and make the choice

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