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gust give me a reason

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Gust give me a reason
Not put this gun to my head
And take all this pain away
God is this what you want
I cant fight this alone
You've take it all
What eles must happen
Gust give me damn sighn
To show me it gets better
All I can think about
Are those damn pills
I hate them soo
But I can hear them say it
Take your life
Is that all they can say
I gust want them to go away
To be numb to it all
I dont want to feel anything
Not the shame or pain
Not even my self
Im so empty
But why am I alive
I gust want to take it all
Tonight seems like the last time
God cant somebody call
Gust to say somthing
To show somwon cares
I dont want to be alive
I gust want to drop dead
To the ground il fall
And six feet il lay
After tonight
My finial bed will be made

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