im sorry

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Im so sorrry
Why cant I get better
Why cant I be normal
Perfect for you
Not single flaw across my body
These hideous scars to fade
For these memories to disappear
So that I wouldn't hear these voices
For my wait to drop
Skinny butifull for you
I want to cut it all away
Im not looking for atention
I gust wanted a way out
Why cant I be good enough
God you dont even know it all
What I've ben though
Im scatered and lost
I cant even hold myself together
Let alone even my thoughts
Yet you want me diffrent
I have no time to heal
But to add to this mess
I feel dirty inside gust knowing
That I let you in
How the hell can I feel alright
If Im pushed over and over agian
Who have you become
Im sick of this feeling
I feel so alone and hopeless
I gust want to end
To end myself
I cant live for you like this
God do you even care
Im sorry I cant be good enough
I sorry ive turned into this mess
I know you dont want me
That you stay for what you want
That you'll leave like the rest
That il finialy end up dead
Because you've left
I hate myself I hate this all
My body and all my flaws
My scars and bloody skin
My fat and ugly waist
That I cant get rid of this wait
That I cant stop myself
From this self district
Im sorry I ever touched the smoke
And got adicted to the poision
That im even fucking alive
Because I dont want this anymore
That I cant help but cry
Because go I gust want to die
I cant wait any longer
Things gust seem to get worse
I want to be perfect for you
But I gust cant
I wish I could start again
And maby then il be close
To good enough for you
Im sorry

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