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Why cant I save you
The one thing I've held on for
And your falling apart
But I cannot save you
Why must you grow old
I can't lose you now
God your all I've had for so long
I rember every moment spent
The quiet peaceful mornings
And soft sound nights
In your arms I stayed
The kisses on my forehead
And the goodnight hugs
Why must you go so soon
I rember your voice so smooth
God I love you so much
I can still here the stories you told
I sat on your lap as you talked
Days of war and hardship
You spoke of it all
The wisest words I know
Cold hands warm heart
Warm hands cold heart
God I keep them so close to heart
You always held me so close
Told me to stay up high
To never let the world
Bring me down
But god you never knew the truth
Or what has realy gone on
Im so sorry I failed you
The one person that cares
But its so hard to stay together
When I can see you falling apart
God please stop time
And spare him gust alittle longer
Let me hold him close
One last time before he goes
Let me tell him I love him
And that hes the reason
That i have held on so long
I cant lose you know
God what will I do without you
My grandfather please stay
Dont let age take you away
Let me savor every moment
Every memories past
I will never forget your smile
Or the way you talked to me
I will cherish you forever
Because you are everything to me
Theres no words to exspress
How much you mean to me
Id give anything
Gust for you to stay with me
I love you so much
I will never let go of your hand

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