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I stoped

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I stoped
Awhile ago I no longer cared
I no longer watch the cars
When I cross the street
I no longer care If Im hit
I dont care if I fall at all
I no longer care for the open scars
Or the bloodied skin I wear
I stoped it all wonce it left
I simply no longer felt
Without .......
I no longer have a purpose
I wonder how long it takes
To die under that train
It pases every day same place
It'd be quick
Surely wouldnt feel a thing
I could stand for hours on that track
But my feet would never move
Even if it came racing towards me
Within a blink of a eye
I could lose it all and so could you
So what if I went now
Would anything change
Or would only stay the same
Ask yourself what if
I stoped

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