quiet tears

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Quiet tears
Soft screams and trembled crys
Shaking in silence
Covering the pillow in tears
I lay here agian
Wondering why im still here
Stuck in this sea of tears
Id never make a sound
But only a smile would escape
Il plaster on perfection
A happy smile and beautiful tone
Id never scream out
But into my pillow
So that Nowon could here my crys
Il hide my cracking reflection
And peice myself back together
Good as new with no imperfection
Il paint away to hide the scars
Cut to bleed out the poision
And take the pills for perfection
Il cut every pound away
And paste away the pain
Perfection I will acheive fakley
I will cover ever scar with fabric
Fresh and old to new will disapear
You could never tell the truth
Because you never hear these
Quiet tears

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