unfaithful world and you

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Unfaithfull world and you Unfaithful as heart, your soul
Your image and reflection
Staring back into orbs of depth
We see a cold soul with tattered lips
His hands held low to floor
Posture slumped and haunched
The darkness of his deception
It stares into your reception
We see the beaten and batered
And bloodied hands of the victims
And I was one of them
We see our devils in our eyes
To fight this war and rage on
Every day is a battle to over come
And so is he , a devil himself
Our pursuers and fates
We stare back to them
To realize there more to the eye
More than a mear challenge
And so am I
Rage on and into our storms
Not only to fight him
But ourselfs as we find our truths
A kiss of death and love
Is what we shall receive
And this world will throw at you
All it has to give
One after another to make you fall
But we must rise above it
And above it we well rest
Much higher than our losses
And our hardships come to ease
Gust as our minds slow to a stop
Till the tender day we fall
And to the earth we lay
Our last moments to start again
In this tragically
Unfaithfull world
Everything and everyone..........

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