the more i think

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The more I think about it
The deeper I seem to sink
But yet my tears are a forbidden subject
And my cries are unwanted

I've called out to you ,but you want nothing to do with me
A victim's cries are ignored here it seems ,unwanted unheard
I am unwanted I'm unheard,you want nothing to do with me
Shattered and broken ,yet I'm left on the floor
I'm chasing something that's already left me behind

Stay say your  not leaving,right here is where you need to be
Why must your words mean so Damn much to me
They say I'l feel better when I get up,what if I never get back up
I'm being pushed off what's left here ,a small space so close
But even your being ripped away ,do you want me to hate you

I can see it now ,my past is coming back faster every day
You can leave if you want to,everything does with me
With my curse I'l end up die trying to fix myself for you
But at lest I tried and made it this far
June was my being and it seems to be my every ending
The more I think about it

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