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I should've known

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I should've know
That you'd break me down
That'd you put me last
And take me to the end
My limits are broken
And im shattered now
You of all people
I wanted one thing in life
And now its vanished
Gust before my eyes
Im always taken for a toy
Never for a true feeling
Used and neglected
Like a chained animal
I forever stay in place
I can never move far enough
To escape this cycle
And now even you
Have repeated this horrid routine
And yet again im left here
To feel this depression
Stuck alone in my thoughts
Staring up above asking why
Why must this bitter sweet tragdy
Play over and over agian
So il count these stars
Gust as I will my days to come
And il wait alone
To finialy some day
Be released from this horrid place
Set free to find a real home
I gust cant belive
I should've known itd be this way
It always is

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