Because Of You

Because Of You

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Leticia Quintino By letiiciaa331 Updated 2 days ago

❝ I don't have time to waste thinking about a boy who will only destroy my future,❞ I say getting closer to him with every word, maybe a little too close.

I feel his breath fanning my face. He licks his lip as a sneaky smirk slips onto them, his greenish-gray eyes shift between my lips and eyes, making my traitorous breath hitch. 

❝ You saying you think about me, Torres? ❞


Mariana Torres is the first in her family to go to college. Being the first in a Latinx family comes with more pressure and stress than usual, something Mariana is used to. She wants nothing but to make her family proud, even if it means pursuing something she's not interested in. 

Now heading off to UCLA on a full-ride with her best friend, she's finally getting the chance to get a strong education and become a successful doctor. 

But every perfect plan has bumps in the road, and this one just happens to be a beautiful one.

Aiden Grey lives life like he's dying. He parties, drinks, smokes, burns through his money and sleeps around with every girl at UCLA. He isn't attracting the ladies by being a brooding bad boy, but by being so carefree you feel your problems slip away when you're with him. 

Too bad Mariana can't afford for her problems to slip away.


Warning: Book contains swearing and mature content.