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Inizio (BACK ON🎉) by Fantasydreamer45
Inizio (BACK ON🎉)by Olivia...
|Rank #1 in thrilling •currently•| |Rank #48 in romance •4.22.18•|💘 "Fuck you" I mumble under my breath. He stopped in his tracks. His back stiffened and I h...
  • excitement
  • sexy
  • mystery
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Perverted Secrets by xMomoYaoyorozu12x
Perverted Secretsby ★мσмσ уασуσяσzυ★
Deku, or Izuku Midoriya, isn't just your daily innocent hero of My Hero Academia. In fact, he has many secrets, and same goes for Momo, Momo Yaoyorozu. She isn't your da...
  • sexual
  • stories
  • momoxdeku
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The Obsessed 2 {COMPLETED}(AMBW) by yakerriah
The Obsessed 2 {COMPLETED}(AMBW)by Yakerria H
  • asianmen
  • adult-content
  • jacksongot7
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The gang leader wants me (NOT EDITED) by Emo_punk48
The gang leader wants me (NOT Emo_punk48
when Alex goes to work one day she is all alone and there was this argument between two gangs in front of the store one of the gangs is "the Panthers " and the...
  • loveyourself
  • problems
  • violence
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Watch me by blossom100
Watch meby blossom100
Read inside.
  • lovestory
  • adult-content
  • interracial
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Her Three Bears [✓ COMPLETE] by EvieSmithWrites
Her Three Bears [✓ COMPLETE]by Evie Smith
A sexy short story by Evie Smith | 18+ | f/m/m/m | Approx 6k words | Alexis Goodwin is a romance author in desperate need of a little inspiration and motivation. Trying...
  • multiplepartners
  • reverseharem
  • eroticromance
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Fate of Terra by JC_The_Continuer
Fate of Terraby JC_The_Continuer
Dedicated to Intrepid_Fate. Michael Dragomir starts out life as anything but the typical human. Early in life he becomes fascinated by the concept of Artificial Intellig...
  • adaptation
  • adult
  • indasion
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Holding Out by SiennaFury
Holding Outby SiennaFury
Excerpt: Come in." I said pulling him into my office. "I'm actually glad you came. I was going to call you and tell you that, even though I thought the gesture...
  • sexy
  • completed
  • broken
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All Is Fair In Love and War by lbdxrose
All Is Fair In Love and Warby Dreamer Girl💫
"Five hundred thousand for the girl with snow on her head.." The man's voice froze me in place. * * * Ava Winter has always been an orphan. She didn't have an...
  • allisfairinloveandwar
  • comedy
  • rivals
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The Subbie And The Sexy Student |King Combs ff| by writerguru3164
The Subbie And The Sexy Student | WriterGuru
Sherece fills in as a sub for her best friend who's a science professor at a local university. Instead of just canceling class she begs Sherece to just sit in while her...
  • davidbeckham
  • hoodlove
  • drama
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A Demons' Commitment by mischiefmaidenx
A Demons' Commitmentby A. Randall-Ehler
Katarina Smith is a 20 year old woman who's had a rough life growing up. She is the kindest person you'll ever meet but doesn't hold back on speaking her mind or standi...
  • fate
  • lovestory
  • destiny
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UNREASONABLE YOU by sugar_and_smiles
UNREASONABLE YOUby what's in a name
His intimidating eyes, they catch me off guard, every time he looks at me. My heart skips beat, every time he comes near me. I have already surrendered my body and soul...
  • loveatfirstsight
  • infatuation
  • netflix
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Just a Mortal by Sinister6Effect
Just a Mortalby Ravana
Secrets are never good for anyone. Especially if that secret could change a life completely if it were to get out. Camren thought she was a normal everyday teenager, unt...
  • romance
  • love
  • powered
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Myrum Styles Murder Mysteries* series 2* By Chris and Anita Brown by anitajohnsonbrown
Myrum Styles Murder Mysteries* Anita Johnson Brown
You read Myrum Styles series 1, eight short stories, mysteries, of Murder and Mayhem better yet a book in the making to die for..... not literally.. and now Gather ar...
  • thriller
  • strange
  • myrum
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Backlead by BonnieHobbs
Backleadby Bonnie Hobbs
June's bar is going under. It's Luna's job to save it. Though at first they want nothing to do with each other their attraction wins out. Luna's past catches up with her...
  • girlxgirl
  • incomplete
  • adult-content
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Midnight Man by bluefovvs
Midnight Manby •
WARNING: Graphic violent murder scenes described. Jack has an average life, that is until he falls in love with a serial killer. Rye Beaumont, better known as the Midn...
  • boyxboy
  • murder
  • mack
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Prepare For The Worst But Live Yo Best  by IAmTaiSui
Prepare For The Worst But Live KeshKesh
This book is explaining how a young lady name Kesh living in 2 different worlds. With no escape route until she meets Darius. She falls in love with fast money but she's...
  • death
  • money
  • childhoodsweethert
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~My Dear  Duolingo~  (adorable) (smut) by ButtcreamBoy
~My Dear Duolingo~ (adorable) ( daddy
One fateful night, your teacher, the Duolingo owl, invites you over to his home to tutor you for a Spanish test in two days. He discovers shortly into the session that...
  • adult-content
  • owl
  • duolingo
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The Unknown Warrior by bekah_love_
The Unknown Warriorby Rebekah Dolezal
*mature content involved* Read at own risk Olivia lives in a horrible home where her uncle Johnathon is a total jerk(to be nice) but what will happen when her life chang...
  • adult-content
  • innocent
  • steamy
HEATED MOMENTS (18+) by miss_ur_smile
HEATED MOMENTS (18+)by mavs
Highest Ranking #5 adult content #7 mature audience They meet unexpectedly in an airport. Sparks flew. What will keep the fire burning? Will it be Love or Lust? Charact...
  • chicklit
  • 18andup
  • loveatfirstsight
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