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Wicked Ties| Shayla Black {read my bio} by Copyright_Issue_Now
Wicked Ties| Shayla Black {read Erotic Fantasy Land
he didn't know what she wanted until he made her beg for it... Morgan O'Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she's never me...
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The Mafias Princess by __Hot_Topical__
The Mafias Princessby Ur mom lol
Gabby (Gabriela) was an innocent little girl that was abused in every way possible by her mothers friends. Gabriel is the leader of the Italian Mafia who happened to fin...
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Our memories by Lu520Ran
Our memoriesby Lu520Ran
We are in the different world. But our memories still there. *Becarefull before click. The content is over 18.
Eroticas by Erica by 23erica10
Eroticas by Ericaby ERICA!
One shot eroticas. Each chapter a new story. Long enough to get you to that crazy place in your head but short enough to leave you wanting more. This is for the wild and...
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BLUE OBLIVION  by nikkihershell
A few years ago if someone had told me pirates still existed I would've bent over laughing wondering what type of fantasy world they lived in. Today, I would readily agr...
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Before I Let You Walk Away by Onebadstory
Before I Let You Walk Awayby Onebadstory
She was beautiful, intelligent and walked with a grace that only few could match. He was strong, handsome and a natural born leader. She's conflicted and she hates it. H...
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a nympho in the making  by kay155
a nympho in the making by kay155
story about a womans introduction into swinging. Starting as a very vanilla woman, she swiftly embraces the wild side she didnt know was hidden inside. With some help fr...
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His pretty little doll.  by babylovesigh
His pretty little doll. by babylovesigh
"Lay still for me, let daddy play with his doll" he growled. I whimpered pulling against the ropes keeping me from touching him. That's all I wanted to do was...
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The Billionaire's confession (editing in process) (Completed) by rosavet
The Billionaire's confession ( Swan rosavet
If your looking for... !!READ SCRLET SNOW ITS FANTASY ROMANCE!! Here, I was standing in front of him, half NAKED! Wearing his shirt. I punched him. Without thinking...
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Hidden Addiction by DawnAshbridge
Hidden Addictionby Dawn
🚫Not for anyone under 18 years old🚫 Casey King used to be some nerdy, simple girl who was happy all the time. Until she was dumped, lost her job, and had to move in wi...
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allure. | brent faiyaz  by blkdiamondz
allure. | brent faiyaz by heaven or hell.
[BRENT FAIYAZ ] "'ll never know till you ask..."
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Business Rival (Completed) by blissful13
Business Rival (Completed)by blissful13
Jiyong Kwon and Dara Park are childhood sweethearts turn out business rival due to unfortunate events. What will happen if they meet again after 8 years? -- This is a st...
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Drunk In Love (Rosékook) by irene_rosie
Drunk In Love (Rosékook)by irene_rosie
One used the other to forget another. Little did she know he loved her. Fate played its part when they got married to each other. Will they be drunk in love with each ot...
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My sister turned me into a freak  by Donique_S
My sister turned me into a freak by Dee💕❤💞
🔞sexual content🔞 Sophia older sister stella tries to show her little sister how to have fun and be a lil low key dirty. Read for more.......
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The Gentlemen's Club by AuthorMMRojas
The Gentlemen's Clubby M.M.Rojas
MATURE CONTENT+18 "I'm not a stripper," I corrected, my voice calm but I knew my face held a thousand emotions. "I never asked. Besides, clients already s...
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Obsessed (Completed) by AvaljBlair
Obsessed (Completed)by Ava L.J. Blair
~A BWWM Romance~~ Insert from story: "Mrs.Collins, did you hear what I just said?" The officer asked in that southern drawl of his. "I'm sorry?" &qu...
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Loving Rhett (Completed) by AvaljBlair
Loving Rhett (Completed)by Ava L.J. Blair
~~A BWWM Romance~~ Book 1 ~ Not Your Cliche Romance Series ~Insert From Story He smiled slightly, "You're sassy. I like that." Then he blantly looked me up an...
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Internet Sensation by fendidondada
Internet Sensationby 🐹.
Voice of the streets and relationship. Fuck these other hoes 'cause I love my bitch .
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Team Hot Wheels X by RUD3-GOMEZ
Team Hot Wheels Xby Rosa Gomez
Five teenagers; Gage Green an average 16-year-old boy with a normal life and the fastest of all. Wyatt Deangelo, with obsession looks and personality thinks he's the h...
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Letters for Myself  by liahcentilles
Letters for Myself by Aliah Centilles
Dear self, how are you? Started writing : July 3, 2020
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