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Your Majesty is annoying by H_A_Y_E_N_04
Your Majesty is annoyingby Thayana Mikaela Balacio
Already the eighth suicide attempt.Empress Medea did not die again this time. But this time it's a little strange. "Memory loss?" Emperor Lyle is amused with M...
My Midgardian Toy by taniajocelynesp
My Midgardian Toyby Tania Gallegos Espinoza
Tony's ex wife, Diana Blodgett, is hired by Tony to work closely with Bruce Banner to see what the tesseract is capable of. But during that time Loki begins to play game...
Delia Ketchum gets NTR'D by Nexus_738
Delia Ketchum gets NTR'Dby Nexus _
Ash wakes up one night to hear some moans from the kitchen, he carefully opens the door and discovers?
One Crazy Household by Jason_sky
One Crazy Householdby Jason_sky
WARNING 18+ Your the new tenant of a peculiar family. When you realise that the house is full of nothing but total bombshells, some sexy shenanigans ensue All characte...
Make a passionate scene with husband's father (high h)   by Yurirosie
Make a passionate scene with Yurirosie
An affair story caused by accidental insertion in a movie with the actor's father who is an impotent husband.......... Note:This is not my story. Upload for offline read...
သူ...ချန်ခဲ့လေသော(Completed) by sawmstars
သူ...ချန်ခဲ့လေသော(Completed)by sawmstars
ကျမ ပျော်ရွှင်ဖို့အတွက် ကျမ ဘာမဆိုလုပ်မယ်.... ကျမ ဘာလုပ်လုပ် ဒါဟာ ကျမပျော်ရွှင်ဖို့အတွက်ပဲ.. မြူခိုးဝေလွင် သူကမျှော်ရမဲ့ သူကိုမကြိ...
7 days with Keigo  by _keigos_songbird_
7 days with Keigo by yiyi
♡ Keigo Takami x Reader
~My Ex-Stepbrother~(18+)~ by MisRosey69
~My Ex-Stepbrother~(18+)~by MisRoseyxx
Avery Dawson is a 20 year old girl she's just starting her life after her father's death..her ex stepbrother Nash West was in college when she was 17..after four years t...
The Guy Next Door by hisdeepestdesire
The Guy Next Doorby johnson
It all began with an innocent crush on the guy next door...
Fanart collector  by B4Loey9
Fanart collector by B4Loey
This include fictional character's fanarts and also some adult arts so "Mature alert on🚨🚨" I don't own this works All credit to Original uploader and Uploade...
A ruined sleepover.. by chanchal2511
A ruined knotty_chanchal
Rogy, a younger step brother of Shana. Shana planned a sleepover with her best friend Mira, who has a secret crush on Rogy, in the absence of their parents. Rogy is kind...
Love OR Lust by Passionate_Dareya
Love OR Lustby Passionate_Dareya
Collection of One Shots on Dareya... Rated M... For more peep in...
30 Different Ways || (Dark/erotic) JUNGKOOK FF || by YunYeeun
30 Different Ways || (Dark/erotic) CoCo_Da
" I wanna make your salacious dreams turned into the most lecherous actuality." The sensual soft utter echoed in your ears as your heart was accelerating its...
Sarah Paulson's Characters - Oneshots by SourTheSour
Sarah Paulson's Characters - Legorescu
a series of Oneshots featuring the characters of Sarah Paulson in AHS and other films/shows. I do not own any of the characters. Please read the first page for more info...
Metà (COMPLETED) by Fantasydreamer45
Metà (COMPLETED)by Olivia...
BOOK 2 of FIORENTINO SERIES |#1 in thrilling| |#2 in uncertainty| Former Bodyguard Zhara Embin is now a newly inducted FBI Agent. On top of her new title as an agent, sh...
Always Wanting by Mel__xx
Always Wantingby Lola
⚠️Warning⚠️ - There is high rate of sexual content in this book. Hypersexual - Excessively Interested in Sex. What happens when a beautiful young lady is afflicted with...
👉👌ယွန်း (ခေတ ရပ်နား) by YoonSoe19
👉👌ယွန်း (ခေတ ရပ်နား)by YoonSoe19
မ ရေး တတ် ဘူး နော် ကြိုက်တာ ရေးမှာ ခ်ခ် ဖတ် ကြည့် ပေါ့
Just a Fling by Rebecca-Jade
Just a Flingby Rebecca-Jade
Can Ebony let go of her feelings towards her college roommate and fall in love with the other brother? Ebony Lowes is carefree, obsessed with coffee and in love with her...
Blinded by the pitch darkness (Aot x Fan gets Isekaied)    by tiptoe_springles
Blinded by the pitch darkness ( tiptoe_springles
Author's note: I have come across countless of Attack on titan fanfics with (y/n) trying to make the audience imagine that they live in that world. But we are not like...
strip 20 questions  by writererotica
strip 20 questions by writererotica
Addy is Co staring with the famous Douglas booth in her debut movie and one night instead of joining the cast and crew to a party they decide to stay in their hotel and...