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The Hoodie Girl by yuenwrites
The Hoodie Girlby yuen
Wren hides behind her hoodie at school. But when the handsome, popular Asher notices her, she realizes she might not want to be invisible after all. ...
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Down Came the Rain by Monrosey
Down Came the Rainby DS Jamison
Hudson Caldwell is being stalked - but the cops won't believe her. It's up to Hudson to stop this scripture-driven madman herself. ...
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Brew Books by ellekirks
Brew Booksby elle kirks
19-year-old Jane, newly-single, moves to London to work for her friend, Kitty. But Kitty is hiding something about the café - and about Jane and Kitty's past. ...
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Waters of Oblivion by rskovach
Waters of Oblivionby RS Kovach
Reine thought she was normal, but when forgotten memories start to fill her mind she learns she can't trust anyone, not even the love of her immortal life. ...
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The Persistence of Memory by ScarletteDrake
The Persistence of Memoryby Scarlett Drake
A married writer begins a passionate and destructive affair with a tortured artist, not knowing he has loved her since they met thirteen years ago. ...
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Day After Day by masonfitzzy
Day After Dayby Mason FitzGibbon
Each day she wakes up in a different body, not knowing who she is, and each night that body dies. She is the Reaper Syndrome, and she's desperate to know why. ...
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Before the Morning by TaintedRain
Before the Morningby ash
"Move over A Walk to Remember, and make way for one of the most heartwarming stories this side of Wattpad. It's so cute, I could cry (again)." - Grace @ HQ Aft...
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Unholy Matrimony by xxinlove
Unholy Matrimonyby xxinlove
Tobias and Talia are complete opposites, yet thrown together in an arranged marriage. Can they navigate married life in the wake of a terrible tragedy? ...
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Touch Me by sheromania1012
Touch Meby Romania
"Don't you dare come any closer." "And who are you to tell me that, sweetheart ?" A mocking reply comes. I gulped when he stood right in front of m...
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Maybe One Day by UnsinkableShips
Maybe One Dayby Sarah Douglas
Hayley Donovan has been in love with Jace Hammond for years, but as they finally begin to grow close, they're pulled apart by the ghosts of their pasts. ...
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Only  You by Jaspira
Only Youby Jaspira
Rena Blackshear vowed never to come back to Savannah, GA. Her life was spent forgetting everything she loved about it. Especially Blake Glass, her only love. Her per...
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Short Stories and Poems by snugglybunnies
Short Stories and Poemsby Ashlyn Ungles
a collections of shorts stories and poems all written by me.
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Life is Sweet by AlyssaMcKendry
Life is Sweetby Alyssa McKendry
This is a story about an 18 year old girl named, Maya Callahan who is currently going to college and works at an acclaimed bakery called, Sweet Tooth (at least that's th...
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Vigilante Green (#OnceUponNow) by jr0127
Vigilante Green (#OnceUponNow)by Jenny
Entry for #OnceUponNow. All votes & comments on the first chapter are greatly appreciated :). A Cinderella story meets Robin Hood. When seventeen-year-old Gracie Jones g...
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Kiss of the Vampire by TerrySpear
Kiss of the Vampireby Terry Spear
The motto of the vampires is that humans have to deal with problems on their own. But when Levka and his friends risk all to save human girls, he is injured and so the a...
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BACK HOME by BethanCooper
BACK HOMEby Bethan Cooper
*CURRENTLY WRITING* A romance set in England. I didn't want romance. I wanted hot chocolate and old movies I wanted two weeks away with my family. Sky Jones isn't your...
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Subversive Destiny by subversive_romantic
Subversive Destinyby subversive_romantic
As an established model Selene had forged a new reality for herself. Far from the horror of her childhood, below the bright lights of success she had clawed her way to t...
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The Way To You by brookethenerd
The Way To Youby brookethenerd
Hadley Benson is ordinary. Ethan Kendrick isnt. She rests in the middle of the social ladder. He sits at the top. Other than living down the street from one another...
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The One Who Didn't Die by MalbMndayi
The One Who Didn't Dieby MalbMndayi
Highest Rank: #257 in ChickLit #108 in Contemporary In this unconventional love story, 25-year-old Country singer - songwriter, Serena Barnes b...
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