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A Famous Affair  by KBMallion
A Famous Affair by KBMallion
Jessica Neel is a happily married, working mother who is content in life. When she literally bumps into the gorgeous, charismatic and very famous actor, Jonny Riley. Her...
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Trauma by ItsJustT
Traumaby Tiarah
*In Progress* With Tristan's traumatizing past, she isn't looking to settle down with any new guys; however the universe has other plans. With options all around her sh...
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Posted As Missing by ZonderZorg
Posted As Missingby Michael Walsh
Early in World War One, a young Canadian soldier is wounded and trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enem...
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The Dusk Room  by KBMallion
The Dusk Room by KBMallion
On the night that Darla is dragged along to the swanky new club, The Dusk Room, she knew that her life would never be the same because of the broodingly enigmatic, Fane...
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Lucien's Dream Mate by MNBryan
Lucien's Dream Mateby M.N.Bryan
Blurb: After being kidnapped, 19-year-old Anastasia is saved by the sexy wereshifter she has been dreaming of for the last 2 years. What happens when you come face to fa...
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NoLove .[TMAD] by IconicParis
NoLove .[TMAD]by Iconic Paris
21 Year Old Yn is married to the richest man in the country by the name of Chresanto August who owns a business named August Incorporated ™ that controls Designing, Busi...
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Secret Possesive Love by xxhachieko
Secret Possesive Loveby xxhachieko
Maybe things weren't just go the way we want it to be. Maybe we can't really have each other. "You hurt me, I hurt you. Are you happy now? Are we fair now? Can we...
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By Chance by fan-doms
By Chanceby ✫McKenna✫
Love isn't beautiful nor does it occur by meeting face to face
Die Young & Stay Alive by PrinceOfVincent
Die Young & Stay Aliveby Vincent Elian Fay Rose
Are we fake or are you just not looking close enough? Jayson was a 16 teen year old boy when he died of lung cancer in 2010. Jayson thinks it's the end for him...
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The Broken Mirror #Wattys2015 by BeautifulBM
The Broken Mirror #Wattys2015by Jissy
Loneliness is my solitude. I might seem like I have it all, but I don't. I'm banished from happiness, and I can't trust anyone. I have locked myself inside a bland house...
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STARR  #AdultFIction by KarenWarzala
STARR #AdultFIctionby WarzalaWrites
Rob Stark wants more than anything to be loved. And he is. He's adored. By his fans, by his groupies and by his band members. But being loved that way doesn't fulf...
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Parousia (Angel X Reader) by TheCrimsonAnge1
Parousia (Angel X Reader)by Kat
#1 in angelus #2 in buffyverse When it comes to demons, vampires and witches, most people like to keep it in the realm of fiction. You were no exception. Unfortunately...
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MR & MRS Wrong ( Needs editing do not read yet. Not that there's a queue ) by Kristiekc
MR & MRS Wrong ( Needs editing Kristie
Complete:...editing... I was getting out of this fucking marriage with an Oscar the size of the MacGillycuddy Reeks. I saw myself stumbling along a red carpet, weigh...
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Playing with them (Coming soon) by MomentsofCookies
Playing with them (Coming soon)by ↠ Samantha ↞
Trap in a video game? No. Trap in a dream? No. Is it a battle to the death? Absolutely, yes. Finding yourself trap into an unknown world and trying to find the exi...
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WattPunk by elveloy
WattPunkby L.V. Lloyd
EEEEiiieeee! Walter screamed in agony as his brain was sucked out through his ears, converted into digital format inside the modified headphones, and circuited into the...
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For the Love of Super Soldiers (BWWM) by swaggerwithwords
For the Love of Super Soldiers ( swaggerwithwords
Scarlett Blake is an ex-marine with a genius mind and a bad attitude. She's angry at the world-even though a "zombie" pandemic swept the globe and did a decent...
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Affected by CoachNate
Affectedby Prime Time
Sentel Ladgewick . Teenager . Productive . Both parents are together and successful. High school student with 4.0 gpa . Ranked athlete. Promising career down the line. I...
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Roman Blood: Royal Beginnings by darkdreams07
Roman Blood: Royal Beginningsby darkdreams07
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Thug's Diary by taylorbailey__
Thug's Diaryby MaKhi’sMommy🧸
Lala and her twin face trials and tribulations after moving to California. In the mist of meeting Toren, she thought that every thing would be bread and butter but life...
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BURNED by PatraTheDreamer
BURNEDby Patra
Yamina London and her daughter have fallen on hard times. This was nothing new right? Orion is a man with many secrets. After some freak accident he is left scarred for...
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