Chapter 31 - Summers End

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Here you go chapter 31, I really hope enjoy the chapter. On the side is some pictures that will help visulise the dresses etc. 

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Chapter 31

“Bell wake up,” someone shouted jumping on my bed.

I opened my eyes to see to see Steph jumping, “What are you doing,” I exclaimed throwing a pillow at her.

“Are you stupid or something? Do you not know what day it is,” Steph wondered throwing the pillow back down.

“Saturday,” I replied simply pulling her down to sit next to me.

“Not just any Saturday silly,” Steph announced.

“Because there is no school today,” I wondered.

“Isabell,” Steph snapped hitting me lightly on my head, “it’s Prom night,” Steph exclaimed.

“But I’m not going I mean I have to look after Piper. Where is she anyway,” I replied looking around the room.

“Nope you’re going; I’ve already bought you and Matt tickets so get up we have heaps to do,” Steph announced jumping off the bed pulling me out in one fluent motion somehow.

I my head swayed back and forth slowly coming to a stop.

“What’s even the time,” I wondered.

“It’s 8 but we have a lot to do anyway Matt’s Mom, Jen she’s coming here to do our hair,” Steph announced.

“Cool but um… where’s my daughter and Matt,” I questioned surveying the room.

“Piper is with your Mom downstairs because I gave her strict instructions to give you some beauty sleep for the big night and Matt is with the boys,” Steph replied, “but firstly you have to change.”

“Why where are we going,” I asked.

“Gosh I knew having a baby you’d be a bit forgetful but not have amnesia we’re going to get our nails done stupid,” Steph says.

“I’m sorry but okay let’s get ready for Prom,” I say with as much enthusiasm I can create.


“Steph,” I called in worry.

“What,” Steph wondered.

“I’m too fat,” I announced.

“What are you talking about,” Steph wondered storming into my bed room.

“My dress it’s stuck,” I told her tears welling up in my eyes.

I knew after I had Piper I put on weight but I never knew how much, I did buy this dress at last years prom dress sales I guess having a baby changes EVERYTHING about you.

“Hang on, it’s just the silver belt calm down,” she informed me.

“But what if I’m too fat I have put on weight since I’ve had Piper,” I wondered in a worried tone.

As I kept on carrying on like a fourteen year old about my weight Steph fidgeted with the fabric doing what her magic fingers do.

“Done,” she announced standing up.

I took a deep breath then with her help the dress fitted perfectly, not one thing sat out of place.

“It looks even more beautiful now that you’ve had a baby,” Steph stated staring at me her mouth open in amazement.

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