Chapter 15 - Summers End

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Chapter 17

1 month later

“Bell I’m heading out to the shops do you need anything,” Mom called.

“No I don’t think so,” I replied drying a plate.

“Do you need some tampons?” Mom questioned.

The plate slipped out of my hands smashing into a million pieces on the floor.

“Bell what was that?” Mom questioned alarmed.

All the blood drained from my face staring out of the window.

“It’s okay mom I don’t need anything,” I forced.

I heard a door open and shut.

I stood there frozen there is no way I could be.

I needed to tell someone.

I ran out of the house leaving the plate and everything exactly the way it was.

I franticly walked the 2 minute walk to Stephs, trying to deny what I was thinking.

As I walked up the small path to Stephs house I spotted James’s car in the drive.

What if they were?

She might not answer?

I thought for a second.

She’ll open the door for me.  I hoped.

I started banging onto the door yelling “Steph!”

“Steph I know your there!”

“Stop having sex!”

“James let her go!”

I was about to bang on the door again but Steph appeared her arms crossed.

“What,” I she asked quickly.

“We need to talk,” I replied just as quickly.

“I think it can wait,” Steph replied nodding her head up the stars.

“This is more important than sex,” I pushed past her going up the stair to her room.

“Bell I don’t think you want to go upstairs,” Steph said walking behind me.
I burst into her room to see a topless James laying comfortably on her bed.

“Whoa Bell what are you doing here?” I was differently what he was expecting.

“Get out,” I said scanning the room for his shirt.

“What?” he questioned.

I found it in the corner of her room; I picked it up, and then pulled James off the bed.

I shoved the shirt into his chest, pushing him out the door. He gave a peck to Steph and a glare to me.

Like I had stolen something from him.

I sat on her bed looking to the ground not really knowing what to do next.

“This must be really good if you interrupted me,” Steph said sternly leaning in the door frame her arms folded.

“I had sex,” I busted out not looking at her.

“What! With who?! When!?” she exclaimed in surprise.

“With Matt,” I said not holding back any secrets.

“But that was at summer over a month ago,” Steph said in confusion, “why are you telling me this now?”
I wrapped my arms around my stomach, looking away from her.

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