Chapter 18 - Summers End

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Chapter 18

“This is a lovely dinner thanks Mom,” Lockie thanked as he tucked into the meal.

“No problem dear, thought I’d cook your favourite,” she replied.

I felt sick to the stomach not being able to swallow anything; I just stare at my meal with a blank look trying so hard to build up the courage to tell them.

“Bell is something bothering you; you haven’t touched your food?” Mom wondered.

I looked at everyone my heart pounding through my chest I thought at any minute it would burst through.

“Excuse me,” I said quickly walking out of the room.

I paced up and down the small room near the dining room, shaking my hands trying to get the courage that I think I will never get.

“Bell you have to tell them,” Lockie said grabbing hold of my shaking hands.

“I can’t,” I whimpered back looking to the ground.

“You have to… I’m going to be there for you,” he placed his big strong hand on my face making me look up at his face.

“They’re going to burn me like a witch,” I replied.

“No they’re not,” he reassured me.

“Yes they are, I overheard dad tell mom one day if I get pregnant before I’m married he’ll burn me like a witch,” I quoted.

“I won’t let them, now come on before they think we’re up to something,” he said I then followed him back into the dining room.

Mom looked at me in worry.

“Everything is fine Mom,” I answered.

For the next few minutes was silence… this had gotten to be one of the most awkward dinner’s this family has ever had. The clutter of knives and forks on the plates echoed through the room, it was way too quiet for something that’s supposed to be a family reunion.

“So how’s Harvard son?” dad wondered finally breaking the silence.

“It’s great I’m happy it’s my last year,” Lockie answered.

“Well that’s great, I’m still trying to convince Isabell to go there but she still has her heart set on photography. If you ask me it’s just a waste of time, it’s not a job it’s a hobby,” he announced.

Since the first time I told him I didn’t want to go to college he used every chance he got to put me down making me feel bad about my decision.

“Well lucky for you no one is asking if you approve or not,” I spat.

“Well you’re my daughter and I have a right to not approve of you not going to college,” he replied bitterly.

“I’m your daughter that you haven’t given a rat’s ass about her whole life,” I said like venom.

“That’s not true,” he replied.

“You don’t care what I want you only want what is best for your image. That is me going to college well news flash I’m not going,” I was so angry he always had to turn something nice into a train wreck. I honestly don’t remember the last time we had a conversation that didn’t end up in a fight.

“Come on guys it’s a reunion stop your fighting,” Mom said holding her hands up to stop us.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

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