Chapter 13 - Summers End

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Chapter 13

I rolled over dead to the world when I landed on something hard.

I small smile spread across my face when I remembered last night.

I looked down to see that we still clothe less; I knew that if my mum walked she would freak.

I slowly sat up not wanting to wake him with the sheets wrapped around my body; I looked around the room for my undies, which were luckily right beside the bed.

I quickly and quietly slid them on; right next to them were Matt’s shirt that he had worn I didn’t really feel like getting out of bed so I slipped it on, and then snuggled back up to Matt.

“Morin’ beautiful,” he whispered kissing me from my jaw all the way down my neck.

“Hello, how’d you sleep,” I asked as he continued to trace back til he found my lips.

“Great,” he answered in between kisses.

He moved his body on top of mine pulling the sheets over the top of me, our kisses deepened I had a little moan as his tongue traced my bottom lip I turned us over so I would be on top but as I did.

“Argh!” Matt yelled falling off my bed hitting his head on the way down.

“You ok?” I asked peering over the bed seeing him rubbing his eyes.

“Nice shirt,” he muttered lying down.

I let out a little giggle; he always made me laugh even if it was stupid.

“Who you talking to sweetie,” my mom asked.

I straightened up staring straight ahead not able to move; I let my eyes look over at Matt who was laying straight not blinking.

“Um no one,” I answered bitting my lip.

“Well I brought you some breakfast,” she said. I looked over at her to see her carrying over a breakfast table.

The smell of bacon and eggs filled the room.

She laid the little table on my bed; confusion crossed my face when I saw two cups of juice and plates.

“Mom why are there two?” I questioned warily I really hope she isn’t going to eat with me.

“Matt next time you sneak in… don’t park in front of the house,” Mom said to Matt not knowing where he is, “we’re leaving at 10 for the beach for an hour, just letting you know.”

“Sorry Tiffany and thanks for the breakfast,” Matt spoke sitting up from the floor.

“No problem just don’t let Cameron see you… or will kill you,” mom said walking to the door,

“Noted,” Matt said nodding his sitting on the bed.

I looked into his eyes, captivated something between us seemed different but it was a nice different we felt closer and I liked it.

I felt loved even though he hasn’t said that yet. But last night was amazing.


“Matt stop,” I giggled as he kissed my jaw line.

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