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The Perfect Crime by misguided_thoughts
The Perfect Crimeby Dee
The world's clumsiest girl and the world's first class spy? They should never cross paths. But, somehow, Olivia and Will are stuck together if they want to go home and t...
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A Thousand Probabilities by theoptimistwriter
A Thousand Probabilitiesby Untold Philophobic
"We all live in this world full of twist and turns, nothing is certain and each little choice cost more than the previous one. All you have to do is indulge yoursel...
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The Alpha's Songbird by CNoble11
The Alpha's Songbirdby CNoble11
Thorn Valley is a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Gabriella Devereux is the "Golden Girl" of this town. A perfect grade level, a perfect and well-off family...
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GirlxBoy One Shots [Requests Open] by wild_with_no_e
GirlxBoy One Shots [Requests Open]by Don'tMindIfIDo
Just random one shots and stories for ideas I have some will just be fluff and others will be a bit more smutty. They are my first attempt at writing also have no dialog...
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The imperfection by MooMooTree
The imperfectionby Shanon McB
This was a creepy little something that decided to crawl into my mind. We are following a sweet 16 year old girl into her seventeenth year of life. She was quite happy u...
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Perfect by daydr3amer_
Perfectby Flor
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The Perfect Human by Bobkirat
The Perfect Humanby Bobkirat
Who we all should be.
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Twins. by volleyballandbooks
#8 Cassie Rose
Ava and Aiden are twins, obviously. Their mom gets remarried and gain a sister, Emily and move to California from Texas. They want to start over and change some things...
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Perfection by kimiwatanabe95
Perfectionby Samiha Tabassum
Just a simple one-shot about an innocent, uncontrollable endearment of a lonely girl who is constantly accompanied by a man who seems to take an interest in her, who app...
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Emissar - A Emily and Kommissar Fanfiction (PP2) by Official-Kommissar
Emissar - A Emily and Kommissar Kommissar❤️(Kommi)
Kommissar and Emily have already met before at a accapella camp when they where in high school. They fell in love then split apart, but will they both remember when they...
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Love, A Capella, and Weirdos by karlathepanda
Love, A Capella, and Weirdosby Karla Roldan
Summer 2012 meant new chances for Beca Mitchell. Her dad had forced her to go to the university he worked at. However, that's not what Beca wanted, all she wanted was to...
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Advantages of Online Buying through Perfect Money Prepaid Card by perfectevoucher
Advantages of Online Buying perfectevoucher
Perfect Money is electronic payment system for clearing operations in the Internet or, in other words, electronic money. Perfect Money is a service which allows users to...
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|| Perfect Two || l.s au !REWRITING¡ by prettyflower101
|| Perfect Two || l.s au ! ✰cami ✰
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Pain to the Touch by JustWannabeLoved
Pain to the Touchby sara
Blaire has a disorder that make it so that she has pain when ever she is touched. She still goes to normal school and has only had an episode of this disorder 2 times an...
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Messed Up Perfection by dreamerswish
Messed Up Perfectionby Ebony-Maie
Becky's life is a mess. Her tragic past has scarred her and she was trapped in an orphanage full of squealing children for 9 years. She got adopted after that, but is st...
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The Girl with Silver Eyes by KaitlynFetterman
The Girl with Silver Eyesby Kaitlyn Fetterman
Emma Redford is an ordinary 17 year old girl that has everything she wants. She has a boyfriend, parents that love her, a pet, two siblings, a big house and lots of frie...
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YASPS #1 - Ahri's Tease by AnthonyFiction
YASPS #1 - Ahri's Teaseby AnthonyFiction
Ahri appears before an unsuspecting young man for a little late night fun. Your Art as a Sexy POV Story #1 - 'Ahri's Tease' by artgerm.
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Pitch Perfect Welcome Back To Barden! by AngeliqueMariel
Pitch Perfect Welcome Back To AngeliqueMariel
This story picks up where we let off when The Bellas had won the ICCA'S leaving Beca in charge now! Will she be able to bring The Bellas to new heights?!? Read and find...
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The King's Slave by dreamchaser_nialler
The King's Slaveby Nameless E.
"Sometimes, people are afraid of falling in love. It's simply because it sometimes comes in a way we never expected." (On Going)
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