My Mafia Man by volleyball238
My Mafia Manby volleyball238
Juliet was just a normal high school girl who was ready for summer. She had all of it planned out. She would spend some time with her friends and her family. That was un...
  • possessive
  • money
  • romance
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Flawless by littletroublemaker_
Flawlessby Chloe
Amazing cover made by @starkside. "Losing yourself is the easy part, it's finding yourself again that's hard." *** Hollywood. When you think of the word, you...
  • heartbreak
  • wattys2018
  • hollywood
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Mate? Mate. by WerePotterhead
Mate? WerePotterHead
"Please," I heard the boy say sofly interrupting my thoughts, but I didn't dare move closer to him, "Just let me explain." He seemed pleading me to s...
  • wattys2018
  • mate
  • love
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The Perfect Rejection by kutekittykat8265
The Perfect Rejectionby Chris Kelly
My eyes lock with his and for a moment, all I can feel is euphoria, then I remember who he is. He is Derek Thayne, the next Alpha of our pack. "Mate," I breat...
  • rejection
  • female
  • omega
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U.T.O.P.I.A. ✒️ by KrystalM
U.T.O.P.I.A. ✒️by Krystal Munroe
The system is called U.T.O.P.I.A. The codes are never wrong. Everyone has a perfect match since they're born. Everyone will meet their match at the age of eighteen in...
  • future
  • angst
  • world
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His interior designer  by Littlechipsmore
His interior designer by Njhahmad
Thea Morris is a 23 years old and she work as an interior designer for a well known company at Paris. She always rejected all the guys that asked her to go out on a date...
  • feisty
  • passion
  • heartbreak
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perfect ✔︎ chris evans by CaptainsMarvelous
perfect ✔︎ chris evansby EMMA💘
AMELIAALARSSON: Just got casted to work with Sebastian Stan... Captain America who? CHRISEVANS: @AmeliaaLarsson you know you love me AMELIAALARSSON: @ChrisEvans Omg ex...
  • billskarsgard
  • ironman
  • brucebanner
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Three Bad Boys and A Waitress by emilymac_
Three Bad Boys and A Waitressby emily
Arabella Simms is a seventeen year old waitress that lives a relatively normal life. During the school term, three gorgeous bad boys transfer to her school. Will she be...
  • cliche
  • girl
  • badboyinlove
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It's Not Perfect by The_Queen_97
It's Not Perfectby Carebear!
Emma: shy, traumatized, and an ex-wild child. Duke: violent, abusive, and out for revenge. Ryder: sarcastic, sexy, and champion MMA fighter. Emma is determined to slide...
  • sacrifice
  • love
  • bad
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ONE Night Only (BWWM) by onele_a
ONE Night Only (BWWM)by Onele_a
[18+] ***RATED R*** Highest rating #15 on Chicklit (13/06/18) For one night only, Lelo decides to loosen up, let down her hair and be wild for the first time in a while...
  • billionaire
  • featured
  • chicklit
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My Perfect Happiness by _k_e_w_
My Perfect Happinessby Kaitlyn
She never knew she could find happiness until she met him. Meet Alessia King, 21 year old dancer. Meet Antonio Ruzzo. What will happen when she bumps into him? What will...
  • happiness
  • perfecthapiness
  • perfect
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Timothee Chalamet imagines  by AndreaUhmmmOk
Timothee Chalamet imagines by AndreaUhmmmOk
I love Timothee Chalamet so yea.
  • fanfic
  • imagines
  • talented
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I Dare You by taylorbryie
I Dare Youby ᴛᴀʏ
*this is not my work* it was easier for me to transfer this to wattpad than to read online. >> full credit to blacklightning1212 << ***ALSO there's a seque...
  • beca
  • perfect
  • chloe
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Dallas |Book 2| //Wattys2018// by tox-ic-i-ty
Dallas |Book 2| //Wattys2018//by Kate Rose
*Previously known as Sinking in Chaos* -D A L L A S- "Did he really cheat on you? -D" Who the hell is D? I don't know anyone with the name that starts except...
  • wattys2017
  • wattys2018
  • pregnancy
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Beautiful Stranger - Michael Jackson fanfiction by sweetseducingsighs
Beautiful Stranger - Michael sweetseducingsighs
(Dangerous Era) Michael Jackson has hit a low point in his life. He never knows who he can trust, most people just want him for his money. Everybody thinks he is a freak...
  • perfect
  • romance
  • fiction
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Skinny Love by imasamm
Skinny Loveby imasamm
Derek and Stiles fight their feelings for each other. What happens when they finally open up to each other? Sterek MPREG
  • stiles
  • cute
  • mpreg
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You think living in a big house or having all the material things is enough but wealth is not always everything. WELCOME TO MY WORLD, where I wish I could actually be po...
  • fiction
  • funny
  • crazy
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The DollMaker's Shoes by xxDragonGalxx
The DollMaker's Shoesby Grace
The DollMaker. A serial killer who strikes fear into the hearts of men and women around the city of Star Mountains. People creep around at night, hoping, wishing, that t...
  • happy
  • death
  • horror
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A Journey with A BadBoy by ialishbaygmailcomial
A Journey with A BadBoyby ialishbay
Elliana Waters is 19th years old.Her features are soo attractive that sometimes it causes trouble - she always manage to follow Rules and regulations of her STRICK PAR...
  • pranks
  • teenfiction
  • journey
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Perfect | Min Yoongi by Im0on0fire
Perfect | Min Yoongiby Ms. Bangtan
The town of Vally Roses was the most perfect place you could get in the world, no one rebelled, no one frowned, and most of all, you weren't accepted if you didn't fit t...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • yoongi
  • wattpride
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