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Never Have I Ever (One Last Time # 1) (Wattys2017) by ChasingMadness24
Never Have I Ever (One Last Time #...by Kyra Blackthorn
"It's your last few months before college, do you really expect to leave here without living?" Olivia and Oliver Scott, as opposite as twins can get. Oliver...
  • fiction
  • mini
  • list
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Where Your Dreams Reside by storieswithsoul
Where Your Dreams Resideby storieswithsoul
It all started with a dream that leads Sarah to a magical place. It's a place like none other, a place where all the dreams reside. Something is amiss though, things in...
  • school
  • summervacation
  • beautiful
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the birthday party  by loofa05
the birthday party by loofa05
a party that leads to an expected love
  • waterfall
  • rockpools
  • water
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She Gets Me...(Trajan X Reader) by Dawn_Yamato
She Gets Me...(Trajan X Reader)by Dawn
Note: this is pretty much complete so... knock yourselves out! Now if you excuse me... I'm going to Jump off the closest possible ledge
  • underswap
  • snowdin
  • undertale
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Upon Shattered Wings by xWintersolsticex
Upon Shattered Wingsby Lara
She was ripped away from him Drowned in the cold hands of death But he would do anything To have her back ** Once upon a time a winged girl fell in love with a winge...
  • winged
  • war
  • romance
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Rights and Wrongs (Undertale Fanfic) by TheReturnOfTurtle
Rights and Wrongs (Undertale Fanfi...by TheReturnOfTurtle
Hey, Turtle here! Me and @StarryPenName did a collab together! We both will have the full story, so whoever you find first, don't forget to head over to the other person...
  • sans
  • undertale
  • waterfall
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Undyne X Female Reader: More Fish in the Sea by Shyren101
Undyne X Female Reader: More Fish...by Shyren101
Undyne meets you, the average Joe, walking through waterfall when out of nowhere, she blocks your path! What will you do? Cover Art by Mee!
  • alphys
  • hotland
  • sans
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Beneath The Waterfall by ShanoraWilliams
Beneath The Waterfallby Shanora Williams
The whole town of Nantahala knows to stay far away from Maverick Kingdom, the cruel, dirty biker gang that isn't afraid of breaking laws. Unfortunately, Colin Maverick i...
  • highschool
  • angst
  • signlanguage
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UnderWho by American_Glory
UnderWhoby Edgy Hanzo Main
The Doctor finds himself roaming around space and time, like usual, until the TARDIS takes him to the Underground. Once there, the Doctor finds out about the living cond...
  • tyler
  • sans
  • gaster
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MY ART BOOK by HuntedLover
  • waterfall
  • undertale
  • multivers
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THE PERIOD BOOK by lolaxxxo
THE PERIOD BOOKby lolaxxxo
If you are reading this book, I am so sorry you are going through this difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. 🙏🏻❤️ *I AM NOT A TRAIN...
  • feminine
  • lucifers
  • period
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Papyrus x Undyne by UndyingFanfictions
Papyrus x Undyneby UndyingFanfictions
Papyrus has a crush on Undyne, and tries so hard to impress her. Art by: Marcotte-Art on Tumblr. All rights go to Toby Fox.
  • papyrusxundyne
  • papyrus
  • undyne
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The Lores of Lyra - Rising Star [Book I] by MajaDiana
The Lores of Lyra - Rising Star [B...by Maja Diana
[Watty Winner 2012, Fantasy / Teen Fic / Adventure / Romance] Stars. For millennia, humans have stared up at the sky watching them light up the night. Unknown to most...
  • war
  • romance
  • wonderful
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Dazzle - Writing Kiss Scenes by Mint_Coffee
Dazzle - Writing Kiss Scenesby classified information
This will give tips and an example I wrote on how to write kiss scenes, giving basic advice as well as showing some of the things you could do in writing your own. Feel...
  • example
  • writingtips
  • romantic
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Adopted.....By Stacyplays?! Book 2 by Avril_Writes
Adopted.....By Stacyplays?! Book 2by Avril Cole
Stacy, Robin, and Ember have a new member of the family! Jacky, he is a baby boy that Stacy adopted over 6 months ago! But somebody stole him from her, took him right fr...
  • triplets
  • orphanage
  • waterfall
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Winter Wars by ADAM_MADA
Winter Warsby ADAM_MADA
A boy from NYC finds himself with powers and stuck in a world of frost and fire. What challenges will he encounter and will he be able to live up to what the Queen wants...
  • unknown
  • powers
  • waterfall
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That One UnderWater Clan by Aqua_SaveW
That One UnderWater Clanby I’m back!
Nobody believed UnderWater cats lived. Not even StarClan knew! Only those of LakeClan who rested in StarClan knew, up Above the stars that danced in the moonlight as rip...
  • gills
  • catfish
  • clan
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The story that once was us... (W.D. Gaster x Reader) by That_One_Fangirl_XD
The story that once was us... (W.D...by Just fine
Just a short little idea that came to me
  • papyrus
  • completed
  • waterfall
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The Summer Before by Andi-Jo
The Summer Beforeby AJ
"This summer, everything's going to change. I can feel it." Life had always been pretty simple for Athena James. Go to school, be a good kid, and graduate top...
  • roadtrip
  • love
  • highschool
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undyne and (y/n.) by mermieanna
undyne and (y/n.)by 𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒
(fxf) - undertale. her (h/l), (h/c) hair flew in the wind and her (e/c) orbs bore into mine. (y/n) and undyne. what an unlikely pair. ongoing. feel free to message me a...
  • monsters
  • papyrus
  • chara
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