Chapter 27 - Summers End

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Heyy guys so not much to say but it's coming to an end...

*Whips away silent tear* Haha 

But yeah not many chapter to go now, which is kind of sad considering this was my first book... I just want to say now that I love everyone who has supported this book the whole way through even if some of the chapter were a bit iffy, so thanks again.

On the side is Lady Antebellum's song Ready to Love again which I think kind of suits this chapter... a bit.


Chapter 27

“Wait he’s out of hospital already,” I questioned Madi.

“Yeah quick right,” she wondered.

“I thought he’d be in there for longer considering he hit his head,” I replied.

“Mom has got him in lockdown he’s not allowed to leave his room, I find it funny he literally has nothing to do but play his stupid guitar 24/7,” Madi whined.

“Well how about I come over sometime today and entertain you,” I wondered.

“Actually I have to go somewhere today with Mom and Dad so it’s just Matt left at home you can come over and keep him company if you want,” Madi announced.

“Oh, well I’ll see how I’m traveling today,” I answered before saying goodbye then hanging up.


With my list of baby names, board games, paint brushes and canvases for decoration of the baby’s room, chicken soup and snacks I make my way up to Matt’s room.

“Knock, knock,” I say as I appear in his doorway.

He looked surprise appearing on his face as he saw me sitting up on his bed.

“Your Mom let me in,” I stated.

“Right, come in,” Matt said starting to get off his bed.                

“No you stay right there,” I ordered walking in.

“Someone could’ve at least helped you with those,” he announced.

“It’s no problem I think I’ll be carrying more stuff soon,” I joked laying everything on the ground near his bed.

“I suppose.”

“How’s your head,” I questioned taking a seat next to him.

“Honestly it’s fine I don’t even know what everyone was going on about,” Matt replied.

“Matt blood was coming out of your head, you were in hospital for three days, you could’ve died,” I stated worryingly.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s okay but I have something we can do,” I announce.

“What bake cookies,” he said with fake enthusiasm.

“No… pick a baby name we have to start where we left off,” I say with a smile.

“I’ve missed that.”

“What,” I asked bringing up a list and books of names.

“Your smile,” he announced with a smile on his own face.

“You’re such a romantic geek,” I laughed.

He pulled the goofy smile just looking into my eyes I just looked back straight into them.

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