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We Will Meet Again      Bellarke by bara_writes
We Will Meet Again Bellarkeby bara_writes
Earth has caused Bellamy and Clarke to individually lose too much for one to handle. However, it also gave them an amazing gift, eachother. They fight their way through...
  • the100
  • ravenreyes
  • endoftheworld
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My Little Nightblood by tracianna97
My Little Nightbloodby tracianna
Clarke barely escaped Praimfaya and was already getting sick from the radiation. She survived but now she was the only person left on earth for the next 5 years. At leas...
  • clarkegriffin
  • apocalypse
  • monty
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SURF - Sam Hurley  by -eviejane
SURF - Sam Hurley by Evie <3
She was a surfer he was a tik toker.
  • love
  • payton
  • chasehudson
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The Quest for Narnia: The Hidden Queen (Under Construction) by madness124
The Quest for Narnia: The Hidden Madness
What if the prophecy included another child? What if that child was a teenage girl, but a hero none the less? This is the story of Madeline Johnson, the hidden queen of...
  • narnia
  • madi
  • susan
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The One Left Behind by storysforme3
The One Left Behindby storysforme3
What if after everyone went into the bunker someone besides Clarke was left out. This is a story about Octavia and Lincoln's daughter who was left out in Primfaya. How d...
  • survival
  • linctavia
  • sistersforlife
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how we fell in love // c.h by vanillamushies
how we fell in love // c.hby shelly ✰ ♡
we met from mutual friends at playlist and we became close friends. sometimes i wonder if we're just friends or even more. but will it stay like this forever or will th...
  • lovers
  • madi
  • chase
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Warrior by heywassupbye
Warriorby Maddie
A story in which a twelve year old girl on the ark, locked up for secrets she has yet to reveal, gets sent down to the mysterious earth with 99 other teenage criminals i...
  • grounders
  • madi
  • wattys2018
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Reunion by klh2199
Reunionby klh2199
This story is set after Season 4 of The 100 as Clarke and her friends reunite. *I do not own The 100 and in no way am I trying to take anything from it. This is more of...
  • primfiya
  • bellarke
  • madi
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Hope - Clarke & Madi || The 100 by OutOfGoodUsernames
Hope - Clarke & Madi || The 100by OutOfGoodUsernames
A short story that follows Clarke and Madi for one day to see how they survive together. Kind of a background story for Madi too. I love the idea of Madi and Lexa being...
  • praimfaya
  • elizataylor
  • imogentear
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The Quest for Narnia: The Lost Love by madness124
The Quest for Narnia: The Lost Loveby Madness
(The Sequel to "The Quest for Narnia: The Hidden Queen") Madi has left her home with the professor, and her heart break. She was over the fact that Peter had b...
  • prince
  • caspian
  • pevensie
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Survivor by wizzywarrior
Survivorby YOU are important
❝ I'm a survivor, I'm not gon' give up I'm not gon' stop, I'm gon' work harder I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it I will survive, keep on survivin' ❞ Challenges lye ahead...
  • bellarke
  • bellamyblake
  • nathanmiller
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KISS OF DEATH ( echo kom azgeda ) by duhkotaa
KISS OF DEATH ( echo kom azgeda )by dakota™
❝you collect scars because you want proof that you are paying for all of the sins that you have committed.❞ in which nadia kom wonkru finds peace during war in a past az...
  • echo
  • sanctum
  • t100
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The 100 Season 5 Rewritten by kirk_land
The 100 Season 5 Rewrittenby Hannah
I've already watched Season 5 of The 100 but I wanted to make a some changes and basically rewrite the entire thing. I'm making it up as I go along so just bare with me...
  • postpraimfaya
  • monty
  • emori
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If I Could Do it All Again I Know I'd Go Back To You by rycewritestrash
If I Could Do it All Again I 'Brina Ryce
"Madi catches her sometimes, staring intently at the pages filled with dark curls and broad shoulders-trying to recreate the feeling of looking into his eyes. It's...
  • angst
  • emotional-hurt-comfort
  • clarkegriffin
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No Going Back ||||| Jack Dalton by walkingdeadsurvivorT
No Going Back ||||| Jack Daltonby Always Keep Fighting
"I won't die in an accident or die of any disease. I will go down in a blaze of glory." -Major Suhir Kumar Walia ------ Faye Roanoke was a mystery. A code n...
  • survival
  • macgyver
  • jack
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Optical Illusion by heywassupbye
Optical Illusionby Maddie
Even naive baby blue eyes can be deceived at times... Her worst nightmares come to life and Maddie must do whatever it takes to face and conquer them. *Second book in s...
  • ravenreyes
  • booktwo
  • mountweather
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stars above,         the hundred ¹ by psychomanias
stars above, the hundred ¹by ✰˚*B!
"ᴏʜ sᴛᴀʀs ᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ!" ✰˚*・࿐ In which a member of Trikru and one of the commanders personal council helps the people who fell from the sky against her own poor jud...
  • the100
  • magnolia
  • montygreene
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message me again by ineedalifepleasse
message me againby ineedalifepleasse
Second book to the 'message me' series. Clarke moved away, she had lost contacted with everyone. All the people she cared about were in her past. Until she moves back...
  • montyandmiller
  • monty
  • murphyandraven
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Mi Ángel (CLEXA) AU by NoTeDirePrro
Mi Ángel (CLEXA) AUby V.H.J
¿Qué harías si el amor de tu vida muere?, ¿Que pasaría si después de su partida te tocaría criar a una niña sola?. Eso es lo que Lexa Woods vive en esta historia, pero p...
  • madi
  • clexa
  • romance
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MADI'S HAMILTON RP by madirose24601
MADI'S HAMILTON RPby Elizarose24601
  • madirose
  • hamilton
  • madi
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