Chapter 11 - Summers End

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Okay so I know it isn't my best chappie but I just wrote it to fill in. So hope you like it.





“Madi why the hell was Bell trying on a wedding dress the other day?!” I yelled bursting into her room, “Does she think that I want to marry her tomorrow or something?”

“Hello to you to… and no, it was my idea but don’t you think she looked beautiful, don’t you think,” she said looking up from her laptop sitting on her bed.

“Yeah but, I haven’t even told her yet… I mean I don’t want you getting an idea in her head that we’re gonna get married, next week,” I said taking a seat next .

“But come on you told me before the wedding that you loved her,” she said stating the obvious.

“Yeah but… I’m scared,” I stuttered out.

“Since when has my big brother Matthew Christopher Bailey been scared?” Madi questioned.

“Since I’m scared I’ll lose her,” I muttered.

“Gosh are boys the oblivious,” she asked in a shocked voice.

“What do you mean?” I questioned looking at her.

Madi is really good at reading people, and love advice.

“OMG! Do I have to spell it out for you,” she screamed getting frustrated.

“What do you mean?” I asked sincerely confused at this moment.

“Bell!” she yelled.

“What about her,” I questioned, what is she going on about with Bell.

“ISABELL. MARIE. ANDREWS!” she started making it sound like I had some learning issues, “IS. SOO. IN. LOVE. WITH. YOU.”

“WHAT!” I questioned in shock.

“She loves you too dump bum!” Madi stated, “That’s why she flipped when you kissed Holly, because she thought she lost you.”

“But I’ve told her a thousand times how special she is to me,” I said rubbing my head in confusion.

“Go tell her that you love her,” Madi said.

“But what if she doesn’t say it back, it might kill me,” I confessed.

“Then how about you start small,” Madi suggested.

“How small,” I questioned.

“Say you’re sorry,” Madi requested.

“I tried,” I said flashbacking to when she hit me.

“She was angry then. I bet any money in the world that she locked up in her room watching some romantic movie eating lots of ice-cream feeling just as upset as you are,” Madi said.

“How do I apologise when she won’t even speak to me,” I asked.

“I can’t tell you that. If you truly love her you’ll know how,” Madi announced.

“How are you so smart,” I questioned completely amazed by the advice she gave me.

“IT’s not hard following you,” she joked, “Now go make up ‘cause I don’t like seeing my brother all depressed.”

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