Chapter 28 - Summers End

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Chapter 28

“Are you serious is that how he asked you out,” Steph asked in shock.

“Yeah isn’t he a cutie.”

“Bell that’s like something you read out of a book, you break up, then an accidental pregnancy gets you back together.”

“Steph can’t you just be happy for me,” I wondered.

“Oh I am, I just can’t believe he was so formal about it, if you ask me he doesn’t seem like the formal type,” Steph replied.

“Whatever and look he’s even waiting for me,” I announced as we drove into the school car park.

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a very long time.”

“Because I haven’t had a reason to,” I answered as Steph stopped the car.

I jumped out, walking towards Matt who was waiting near the front door to school.

“Hey beautiful,” Matt said wrapping his arms around me.

“Hey Matt.”

“Guess what,” Matt started.

“What,” I wondered in excitement.

“A month today until we get to meet Piper,” Matt announced in excitement, rubbing my tummy.

“I’m kind of scared,” I stated.


“Because I have to go through labour,” I announced.

“Well we go to those classes, isn’t that supposed to make labour easier,” Matt wondered.

“It’s supposed to,” I scoffed holding his hand.

“Bell can I take you somewhere after school,” Matt questioned.

“Sure,” I replied butterflies stirring in my stomach and a smile appearing on my face.


“Matt why are you dropping me off at Steph’s we haven’t gone anywhere yet,” I asked confused as to why he asked me out in the first place.

“Because we’re going somewhere,” Matt answered.

“Where exactly,” I questioned.

“To California,” Matt announced.

When those words left his mouth I jaw literally hit the ground.

“What,” I asked looking at him blankly.

“Flight leaves at six,” Matt replied stopping the car.

“Oh my god, Matt this is amazing,” I squealed giving him a kiss.

“Thought it might be a good place to spend our weekend,” Matt stated.

“And that is why I love you.”


“Good morning,” I announced stretching my arms walking onto the back deck with the welcoming smells of bacon and eggs.

“Moring sunshine,” Matt replied looking behind him.

“What are we going to do today,” I wondered taking a seat.

“I was kind of hoping we see some old mates,” Matt asked.

“Old mates as in… your old friends,” I asked worry laced in my voice.

“Are you worried what they might think,” Matt questioned placing a plate in front of me.

“I am a bit, have you even told them about me,” I questioned.

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