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Bimbocalypse by TheMyth28
Bimbocalypseby TheMyth28
When a strange disease gets out that turns both females and males into sex craved bimbos nothing is the same.
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • adventure
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Captured by mindlessbimbo
Capturedby mindlessbimbo
A story of a woman who tried to win against nature.
  • malesupremacy
  • forcedimpregnation
  • erotica
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Twisted by mabiawords
Twistedby mabiawords
Bimbo is an independent industrious woman who seems to be having everything working out except for her love life. Having been disappointed by the men in her life, would...
  • secrets
  • projectnigeria
  • bimbo
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He Hates Me, He Hates Me Not by anirsin_
He Hates Me, He Hates Me Notby Nissy
Chelsea is known as the popular girl in Fells High School. She is smart and rich but has an attitude which some people dislike her. Chelsea's life began to change when s...
  • school
  • popular
  • highschool
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Sweet Salt Breeze by Bookish_melody
Sweet Salt Breezeby Bookish_melody
After a sudden move from a large town to a small seaside one Jordyn has a lot on her plate: no friends, family problems, no plans for the future, a mother who is always...
  • beach
  • badboy
  • sea
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Summers End by MissDicey
Summers Endby Ainsley
Bell and her parents go on a holiday to a small town in California for the summer. The town only has a couple hundred people and she runs into Matt he is the best thing...
  • name
  • kisses
  • find
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Rock The Rants(Cristiano Ronaldo)(Completed) by Suckerlove825
Rock The Rants(Cristiano Ronaldo)( Suckerlove825
Ever since the age of 13, Paige Lazaro loathed Cristiano Ronaldo. She hated him with a passion and couldn't wait to graduate so she wouldn't see his face ever again. 8 y...
  • sequel
  • real
  • cristiano
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Queen B, Bad Girl And Nerd by doquynhAmi
Queen B, Bad Girl And Nerdby Qrama
Sẽ ra sao nếu Queen B, Bad Girl và Nerd sống cùng chung một nhà. Truyện lần đầu viết nên còn có nhiều sai sót, mong các bạn bỏ qua (/v\)
  • nerd
  • họcđường
  • princecharming
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A Guerra de Corona II by RubiElhalyn
A Guerra de Corona IIby Rubi Elhalyn
Esta é a continuação de "A guerra de Corona - I". Enquanto na primeira temporada Corona era um mundo de paz, magia e grandes amizades, nesta temporada veremos...
  • reino
  • princesa
  • beemoov
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The Bimbo Manual by TheBeautifulFreak
The Bimbo Manualby Reylen
High School, it's divided up into two crowds; the freaks and the bimbos. You're rather one or the other, nothing in between. All is calm in for the two groups, freaks do...
  • high
  • school
  • dodgeball
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One Direction Preferences by supernatural_christo
One Direction Preferencesby Bella
Any One Direction preference you request will be done! I will use your name if you request it, if you want a gay one, or a random one! Just let me know
  • harrystyles
  • styles
  • niallhoran
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Cherry Lipgloss by spaceBronwynn
Cherry Lipglossby bronwynn
Sophia Taylor used to be sweet and innocent and kind, until a tragic event happened. It turned her against everyone, forcing her closest friends to abandon her. Her fath...
  • blonde
  • cherry
  • lesbian
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Un inaspettato errore by soHealy
Un inaspettato erroreby soHealy
Francesca ed Alessandro, un errore li porterà ad amarsi o a distruggersi? Un errore bellissimo, un errore inaspettato.
  • amore
  • life
  • adolescenza
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Talk of the Town by COOKiEMONSTA4LIFE
Talk of the Townby Big Titty Migritty
Alexandria James is a prankster. She loves to have fun and she will go to drastic measures to get it. When she pulls a prank on the second day of Senior year her parents...
  • anthony
  • out
  • gossip
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The Bad Boy Greek God Possessive Alpha Is My Mate by greekgodalphamates
The Bad Boy Greek God Possessive Hot Apollo
Meet Mia. (Go on, meet her. I'll wait. .......... Met her? Good, I'll continue) She's a completely naive sweet nerdy invisible girl who's completely average and has neve...
  • rant
  • greekgod
  • player
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Una gran chica by HistoriasTG
Una gran chicaby Elizabeth Thor
Todos los chicos se enamoran locamente de Meara al ver que la chica poco a poco se esta transformando en una mujer super sexy
  • juvenil
  • comedia
  • humor
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Jodoh Tak Diduga | #JTD by bunnyrul
Jodoh Tak Diduga | #JTDby b
"You takkan buang all of the time we spent in the last 5 years, aren't you!?"- Airis Adrina " Pertemuan antara kita hanya satu kesilapan ke?" - Hana...
  • perit
  • romance
  • jodoh
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The 20 Dates Challenge by MelloKello
The 20 Dates Challengeby Kelsey
(a Love Games novel) Going around the grade eleven and twelve boys is a list. The aim: complete the list with the same girl and win bragging rights. When Savannah's best...
  • books
  • con
  • bus
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Life With the Crawford Boys by sadbutfabulous
Life With the Crawford Boysby sadbutfabulous
Eight gorgeous boys and one girl living together in the same house. It'd probably be heaven to most girls, but to Adelaide Hendricks, it's the total opposite. Who wants...
  • fiction
  • ugly
  • craving
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Picking Up The Shattered Pieces by kriscab
Picking Up The Shattered Piecesby Kristin
Meet Adriana Bell. She was a naive girl, intent on staying out of trouble for the best. But after a horrifying breakup with her ex, Trent Lively, Adriana completely tran...
  • jewls
  • eyes
  • plane
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